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About Roya Hakakian

ROYA HAKAKIAN is an author and Persian poet whose opinion columns, essays and book reviews appear in English language publications like the New York Times, the Daily Beast, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal and NPR’s All Things Considered. A founding member of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, she has collaborated on over a dozen hours of programming for leading journalism units on network television, including CBS 60 Minutes. Roya is the author of two collections of poetry in Persian, and is listed among the leading new voices in Persian poetry in the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World. Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies around the world, including La Regle Du Jeu, Strange Times My Dear: The Pen Anthology of Contemporary Iranian Literature. She serves on the board of Refugees International.

“Carefully researched and vividly written, In addition to being a lively account of an extraordinary trial, Roya Hakakian’s book can be read as an unsettling reminder of the dangers of excessive zeal.”

The New York Times Sunday Book Review Editors’ Choice

To be a guest at the very place I had been taught to revile as a teenager in post-revolutionary Iran, to walk the halls of the universally feared agency seemed revolutionary indeed.

A Cappuccino With the C.I.A.

As an Iranian Jew, human rights activist, journalist and poet, she is the consummate Renaissance woman with a unique insider/outsider take on the internal and external challenges posed by the Iranian theo/thugocracy.

Jay L. Rubin, Chief Executive Officer Jewish Federation of Greater Austin

A frequent guest on several TV programs, Roya has spoken both about her books and about Iran as it pertains to Iranian youth, the Iranian Jewish community, and revolution. You can find her clips in both Persian and English.

Roya has lent her expertise to several radio stations, including NPR’s 1a, where she recently spoke on the Iranian Revolution and if U.S. President Donald Trump can reasonably be called a fascist.

Roya has been an honored guest at events throughout the United States, and will weigh in on cultural solutions to crises in the Middle East this upcoming October.


بخاطر آب

نوروز 1372 (1993 میلادی)

مجموعه اشعار (فارسی)

انتشارات تصویر – لس آنجلس

روی جلد: نیکزاد نجومی