Where Did Iran’s Green Movement Go?

New York Times – Iran appears to have missed the Arab Spring that is sweeping through the region. Or perhaps the country is experiencing the tail end of the long theocratic winter about to blanket its neighbors. No one knows better than the Iranians the obstacle to the thaw. The challenge is how to usher the clergy back to the mosque, to reject the leader without rejecting Islam.

In the tumult that swept Iran from mid-June to August 2009, I was in a state that a psychiatrist would have diagnosed as “mesmerized.” Sleep, if and when it came, was all that interrupted my fixed gaze upon several screens: laptop monitor, television and cellphone. Revolution, that long overdue event, which had been coming ever since 1979 to restore the previously stolen one, seemed finally to have arrived in Iran. I was not overjoyed as I’d expected, but overwhelmed by the tide of 32 years’ worth of emotions swelling within me.

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